Hello.  I consider myself to be an accidental runner.  I enjoy the smug feeling at the end of a run, and I love the social element, but I’m definitely more hobbit than hare and not ever going to sprint ahead of the field in a frenzy of unrestrained joyful speed.  I struggle to motivate myself to get started, let alone keep going, and yet I find in my fifties, running is accessible, cheap and often unexpectedly hilarious.  Keeping this blog is my attempt to keep myself accountable to me, to get me out and about and who knows, maybe become an evangelist for that underclass of runners, of which I am proud to be one, who aim simply to learn to enjoy doing it badly.  Medals welcome, but optional, PBs unlikely.  Join me for a virtual run out if you wish!


10 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Claire

    Hi Lucy. The Hallam park run looks great and may even inspire me to enjoy running badly too! Hope you’re well. xxx

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    • Hi Claire, good to hear from you – running badly is definitely the way to go in my experience and parkrun is just fine and dandy for that. I’m sure the whole family would be made most welcome at Leamington parkrun! Lx


  2. Hi Lucy. Thank you so much for your support of my blog and for your really kind and generous donation to A21. I really appreciate it, and it blows me away that people I’ve not even met can be connected and care enough about what I’m doing to back it. A21 is an incredible organisation and I know your donation will help them to continue to do their incredible work. Thank you! Looking forward to discovering more of your blog. Take care! Jen x

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  3. Laurent K

    Lucy, it was lovely to chat to you during the Southwark parkrun on your visit to London! Thank you for your lovely blog and your tourist visit at Southwark parkrun. Hope you enjoy your day today for the London marathon. Have posted that picture on Flickr https://flic.kr/p/TVGSoa see you in Sheffield Hallam one day. Laurent

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    • Likewise! I really appreciate your friendly support. Thanks for your kind words about the blog, and for the AWESOME photo, which will now be a late addition to the post – hope that’s OK? Yes, do come to Hallam – or Graves, we have loads of parkruns in Sheffield. Good luck today to you too. What day it’s going to be. Lx


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  5. Hi Lucy,
    I’m a journalist (www.lucyannascott.com) and I am currently writing an article for a national consumer magazine that I’d really like to interview you for. Would you be able to email me so we can discuss having a chat? I am writing the story this weekend, so would love to hear from you soon. Sorry for the short notice but I’ve only just come across your lovely blog.
    You can reach me at: lucyascott@hotmail.com
    All my best,

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