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Personally, I really wouldn’t. Sports drinks Cambodia.

Just so you realise I am still paying attention to runners’ needs, you may find the following product to be most educational. It has the advantage of candour in its brand identity I suppose.

You can follow all my Cambodian Adventures here, if you are bored, and like to travel vocariously. If you have a life, you really don’t need to bother.  I’ll be home soon anyway.  It’s up to you 🙂

Cambodia Calling


A great many people do though.  I just couldn’t bring myself to drink a bottle of sweat however beautifully it was packaged.  Plenty of people do though.  I know this, because in the absence of my camera I have been compelled to Google ‘Pocari Sweat’ for this post, and discovered this distribution chart of this Japanese Sports Drink.  Seems they are sweating all over the world.


Pocari Sweat was launched here in Cambodia as recently as 1st December 2015 apparently.  Gosh.  Well, they must have had a humour-defying marketing campaign to get it so ubiquitously available as it appears to be.  Or maybe it is actually just delicious?  I don’t know, I’ve never tried it, and nor is it on my bucket list to do so.

Unintelligible to me, is that I alone amongst my fellow native English speaking volunteers here in Phnom Penh, seem to find this product…

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So over that…. got bigger dreams now.

No need to worry about me any more. I have embraced celebrity culture in Cambodia instead. Check me out hobnobbing with Phnom Penh’s answer to David Beckham! Fickle Moi? Possibly, but hey, we all need our coping strategies. It’ll still be a mega love-in if I get to follow in the footsteps of Jees or Pash once I’m back in the UK! 🙂 Oh, and you do know you can check out all my Cambodian Adventures on my other blog Cambodia Calling right?  If you want to eavesdrop on my TEFLing exploits feel free.

Cambodia Calling

Don’t get me wrong, I think Jessica Ennis and Paul Sinton-Hewitt (or Jees and Pash as I like to call them) are pretty awesome, it’s just that now I’ve got bigger fish to fry.  I’m over them. I have decided not to become embittered by ‘what might have been‘ but rather to celebrate the awesomeness that surrounds me here.  This morning dear reader, I have been dancing amongst the stars and I mean that LITERALLY people, not just metaphorically.  – Though the ‘stars’ are in the sense of ‘celebrities’ not ‘celestial bodies’ so try not to get confused.  Look, just keep up will you, it’s not all that complicated if you just show a bit of patience and concentrate, all will be clear!


This morning, I decided a trip out to the Olympic Stadium was in order.  Background is I’ve been feeling a bit grumpy knickers lately. …

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First world problems…

Sometimes life seems unfair. I shall try to get over it.

I feel personally slighted.

I have not felt homesick whilst in Cambodia.  Not really.  I do miss some things obviously: Friends (people, not the TV programme) / Radio 4 and Radio 4 extra /  BBC news/ parkrun/ Sheffield countryside….  Facebook has helped me keep in touch with friends more than in previous trips away, and although I don’t particularly like Phnom Penh because it is dirty, noisy and overwhelming  – it is also exciting, challenging and full of something new every single day.   Even on a ‘bad day’ (and let’s face it, you can have those in the UK too) it is worth any temporary lows for the overall experience.

Yesterday though, I had a full on, stomach lurching ‘I seriously can’t believe I missed that‘ moment.

Here’s why.

My local parkrun.

Jessica Ennis AND Paul Sinton-Hewitt at Sheffield Hallam parkrun and NOT me.  Gutted.

Look what I missed.  Icons.  Icons in action.

Kill me now.*  (only not really)

Oh, and if you want to know what I’m up to in Cambodia, you can always check it out here on Cambodia Calling.  You’re welcome.  🙂

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