Marathon Madness – New Year’s Eve reflections

I really hope this current wave of pessimism about my training options is temporary, and my next post will be a wave of cheery positivity. However, it is truthful and it states where I’m at. Down, but not yet out. Not looking on track for London, but not entirely out of the question just yet….

Cambodia Calling

I honestly don’t know if I’m being unnecessarily defeatist, spineless and self-pitying (can’t believe I’m saying that like it’s a bad thing, must learn to be less judgemental with my use of language), or just undertaking a pragmatic and practical reality check in relation to evaluating where I’m at with my marathon training efforts.  In any event, I’m definitely out of self-belief right now, which is a shame, as I understand that whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t you are most probably right…  Further more, apparently if you believe you can run a marathon you are half way there. Which if true would be fantastic news, as I’d only have to run a half and I’ve already done that, so that would be basically job done!


So, the situation is this.  Since I’ve been in Cambodia I have been completely unable to go out running on…

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