Running by osmosis – a marathon not a sprint…

So, it’s been a while. I’m on an adventure in Cambodia, you can check out my blog for that if you wish, that’s where this post went up originally. I’m finally settled in Phnom Penh where I’m to be based for the next three months, and just starting to try and work out how on earth I’m going to get my running training in. The runes so far are not looking good, but I’m still up for giving it my best shot. If you, dear reader have pearls of wisdom to share, please cast my way. All help needed, and heeded where possible. I thank you. Lx

Cambodia Calling

I expect you’ve been wondering how my marathon training is going eh?  Well, essentially like this:


That is a post workout photo not a pre workout one by the way, though frankly the differences in the before and after shots are relatively slight.  Who knew training for a marathon could be this hard?  Initially I figured that it wouldn’t be enough of a challenge for me to train for a marathon in the UK, so it would be way better for me to come and live in Phnom Penh for a few months and have the extra challenge of doing lots of running around where it is really hot instead.  Turns out, training for a marathon, or even doing any running at all in Cambodia’s capital city is nigh on impossible  Or at least it seems to me to be so anyway.  The only upside of being super-stressed about how…

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