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Three glorious things.



I have a medal.  Bling for Hobbit Day.  This means that, reflecting back on our Hobbit Day Celebrations I must have run more than I realised, because as every runner will tell you effort on race days is rewarded by bling.  Therefore, if I am in possession of bling, logically, I must have put in some quality effort.  Yay.  Go me.  Go Hobbit Buddy also.  We are epic.  Also, my name is engraved on said medal, which, as any runner will tell you, is a service normally only offered to those in the winning line up.   I think that means I must have come either first, or possibly second, but definitely in the ‘best record for posterity‘ line up.  I wont let these accolades change me, but I will bring them up in conversation whenever possible lest we forget.  Did you know I’ve done a half-marathon as well by the way, not managed gratuitously to drop it into a blog post in days?  Thank you Hobbit Buddy, henceforth forever known as ‘bearer of the bling‘ also.


I had another woeful shamble round Sheffield Hallam parkrun today.  I was feeling quite demoralised at my inability to do anything beyond deteriorate in my running prowess.  However, it seems I am more easily cheered than I gave myself credit for.  My strava map for this run was hilarious.  No wonder I was slow, wasn’t aware of having gone so extensively off-piste!  For those not in the know, you are supposed to do the same loop twice.  Have a look at these two maps and see if you can spot the difference.  Doing all those river crossings was tough, even though I’ve had practise at The Trunce.  Hasn’t enamoured me any more with the notion of doing a triathlon to be honest…

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Such was the extent of my GPS/ strava improvisation of the route, I actually got a trophy for a Personal Record PR on TENTENTEN Sprint Finish which is hilarious, and impressive, as I must have done it entirely using the power of my mind as my legs didn’t go anywhere near there.  Also, leads me neatly into the third of my ‘three things’.


Tomorrow I’m volunteer marshaling for the TenTenTen.  I’m quite unexpectedly excited.  I am a bit nervous in case I have some sort of disorientation episode and end up sending everyone off in the wrong direction.  This was partly brought on by my apparent lapse in navigation as evidenced above – seems I have the potential to lose any sense of direction on even the most familiar of routes – and partly brought on because loads of additional, confusing race signs have appeared in the vicinity of the TenTenTen course.  They are 10 mile markers.  Especially confusing as I saw two 10 mile markers in different locations, and also because the TenTenTen is only 10k.  Anyway, don’t worry, we have investigative researchers within the Smiley Dynasty.  Our very own Ms Marple-Morris found out it is because there is a St Luke’s Night Strider in the dark 10k/ half marathon walk  taking place tonight in the dark.  This had passed completely under my radar, hope it’s well supported.  Anyway, phew, it caused me immense confusion for quite some time.  It’s too late for me to do extra training to finesse my marshalling skills, but I plan to be as smiley and cheery as possible, and also to look busy and important.  That should cover most eventualities.  I’m wondering whether or not I should take my own clipboard to help with this aspect of the competency role play (you know, fake it to make it) but I think on balance, erm,  ‘no‘.  I will however endeavour to remember to bring my glasses, so if I have to read names off a list I can do so with an ostentatious display of literacy skills assisted by optical aids facilitating sight.  It’s going to be grand.  Otherwise, main rule pre race day is carbing up and tapering.  I’m on course for that so don’t worry on my account, but thank you for your concern.


See you there!

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