The Visor Run

hobbit hash branded visor run

Just for the record this post.  Obviously, I’ve not taken my new visor off since acquiring (or should that be appropriating?) it from a fellow benevolent Smiley compatriot at the Whirlow 10.  However, today was its first official outing as a running accessory.  Naturally, it is only right and proper that I document this occasion.

It was a standard route for our Hobbit Hash today, straight up the Porter valley to the view-point a the top.  However, we still had much excitement by our mutual innovations in respect of our running kit.  I actually wore my Dig Deep T-shirt which has short sleeves.  For me, this is practically running naked.  It is true I only have a very limited repertoire in terms of my running wardrobe, but even so I tend to where the same top all the time anyway because it’s my favourite (pocket, long sleeves, flattering black).  I expected my hobbit buddy to be stunned by this wanton baring of my flesh, but in fact, she gazumped me clothing wise by upping the stakes and donning an entirely sleeveless vest.  I don’t really mind, but it is a bit childish to upstage me in this way.  I think she’d got wind of my new visor-ownership status (perhaps because I’ve gone on and on about it on Facebook and my blog) and was maybe worried she’d lose a bit of her position in the hierarchy as being previously the only one of us in possession of such a trophy.  So obviously she needed to bring the attention back to her with this brazen display of her arms in their entirety.

I don’t mind.  It’s a compliment really.  Our symbiotic running relationship can withstand this anyway.  We’ve squabbled over worse (recce of the RSR when she asked if we were nearly there just 7 km in to the 24 km route wasn’t the best day out ever.  I still don’t know which of us was most to blame for the miscommunication there, but lesson learned!)  Also, she more than compensated for this by pointing out that the Dig Deep T-shirt was the same for all finishers at the weekend.  Thus it is entirely possible (if in honesty not completely probable) that other walkers and runners out and about will see me wearing it, and naturally assume that I romped my way round the full 60 mile ultra rather than dragging my way around the 10k.  Yay.  What harm can there be in allowing such misconceptions to run on?  It’s undermining to individuals to continuously correct their innocent mistakes, who likes to be contradicted all the time?  Also, it isn’t practical to go around educating people as to the extent (or otherwise) of my athletic prowess.  What am I to do?  Run round carrying a placard saying ‘Don’t Panic, I only did the 10k‘, that would just be unnecessary attention gaining surely?

So, we walked and talked and half-heartedly ran in the unexpected heat, through the woods and right up to the view-point.  There we were particularly keen to try to get a shot of us both together in our visors. What did people do to entertain themselves out running before the days when mobile phones made it possible to devote time and energy in pursuit of the perfect selfie  I wonder? Anyway, this turned out to be quite a technical challenge.  It was a bit like those work team building events where you have to build a raft to cross a river using only empty water bottles, some bailing twine and some discarded polystyrene packaging.  Except that we weren’t at work, and nor were we increasingly willing each of our co-workers death by drowning with every passing minute. (Well, I wasn’t anyway.  I shouldn’t really speak for hobbit buddy, but I think we’re fine).  There was a timing device on her mobile phone, but getting it to stand up, and working out how long it would count down for before it took a shot was almost beyond us.  We ended up shrieking with laughter, and doing rather more running around the view-point column  in anticipatory posing positions than we had actually done running up the hill.  Whether or not it was worth it you can judge for yourself:

all about timing

You can see the sleeveless vest that hobbit buddy is sporting though.  In this picture my T-shirt looks practically long-sleeved anyway, so she definitely wins that contest!  Still, I’m working towards lighter weight running gear.  The point is, look at the visors.  Aren’t they fab, definitely go faster potential.

After a bit a cyclist joined us at the viewpoint.  My buddy suggested maybe we should start running again, and he encouraged us by pointing out that we’d done the hard bit, it was easy from here jogging on down.  So that’s what we did.  But not before I’d given a verdict on my new visor, and it’s potential to revolutionise my future running performance:

digging deep (2)

There you go.  It also makes me look about 11.  I don’t know if that is good or bad, but it is funny.  Definitely still got my puppy fat, so maybe that’s why.   I’m surprised they believed I was in the VW 50 category at the weekend.  (That’s Veteran Woman, not Volkswagen).  Anyway, injinji marketing must be thrilled to have me as a product ambassador.  Thank you Smiley Elder for passing on such a treasured trophy.  🙂  and Thanks Hobbit Buddy for another grand romp out!

That’s all, short but sweet.

Happy running.  Don’t forget to don your visors if you are heading out in the sun and heat, and off you go!



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2 thoughts on “The Visor Run

  1. With the Olympics over, Injinji might well be looking for future product ambassadors 😉 ??

    Another good running tale, Lucy. Thanks for posting.


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