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Why run? It’s sort of personal.

Once upon a time a little trio of hobbettes clambered in a car and chugged out to share an adventure.  They pulled off the road near to where a footpath pointed up to the great White Edge Moor in the Peak District, and the lure of the hills beckoned them, and the gentle breeze sang to them and the footpath directed the way ahead.

the view

The hobbettes picked their way up the hillside, they puffed a bit sometimes, and sometimes they had to stop, but that was OK because they could enjoy the view.  Sometimes they yomped a bit faster because the path was springy and who knew what might be just over the next hillock or round the next bend if they could just keep going a little further?  More than once they stopped because there were deer ahead.  Lots of them.  How they were so well camouflaged in such an open landscape was a mystery, but a good one.

deery deer

At the highest point they clambered onto a rocky outcrop and looked out for miles and miles as far as they could see.  As they were enjoying the view they fell to talking.  One asked ‘Which would you rather be able to do?  Run faster, or run further?’  There was a pause.  ‘Neither‘.   This was the right answer.

After a bit they started a cautious descent, sometimes jumping over boulders and sometimes picking through heather.  As they circled back to their starting point, there was a final challenge.  A little brook to cross with a steep slope the other side, reinforced with what looked like enormous cobblestones, and gave the illusion that the hobbettes were even more diminuitive in stature than they originally thought.  ‘Shall we run up the slope the other side?’ they asked each other.  ‘Yes we shall!’  So that is what they did, as fast as they could.  They laughed and cheered each other on as they scrambled up the short steep bank.

Their run was not fast, nor was it particularly far, and it was not furious either, but it was very fine indeed just the same.  They were happy when they got back into the car having enjoyed their shared adventure and clambered about exploring new paths and reaching new heights.

The End.

And the moral of this tale is:  it is not necessary to run either faster or further (unless you want to).  You have only to run, or not, in whatever way makes sense to you in that moment.

So why run?  It’s sort of personal.

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