In praise of Parkrun

Perhaps a bit of a cheeky repost here, but given that I’ve now started a running blog, I wanted to talk about Parkrun.  However, earlier this year, when I was contemplating going off to work in Vietnam I did a post all about what is so brilliant about Parkrun and why I’d miss it in another blog.  It seems appropriate to repost this, as the sentiments remain the same, Parkrun is still altogether fabulous, and I remain an evangelist for its many and manifest merits!

Quietly Terrified

Running Scared …

Just over a year ago, if you had suggested to me that I voluntarily get up earlier than is strictly necessary on a Saturday morning, and then willingly drag my weary rapidly-disintegrating carcass to the local park in order to take part in a communal sporting 5 km romp every week, frankly I’d have run a mile.  This is ironic, granted, but it would still have been an over two miles net gain if it got me out of doing a 5 km run, i.e. I’d only have to run one mile not the three and a bit I’d be compelled to cover otherwise…  Well, that was then, and this is now.  Now I am a complete convert, and Parkrun has become such an embedded part of my weekly routine that it is the one thing I know I’ll miss when I’m in Vietnam.

parkrun logo

For the uninitiated Parkrun is…

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