Running scared? More Hobbit than Hare? Then why am I here?

Good question, glad you asked me that.

So here I am, kicking off keeping a personal blog about my own half-hearted running endeavours.  I am embarking on this, even though I have zero expectation that there is anyone out there who might be interested in stalking my progress.  Yet, here this blog will sit,  pixels dancing in the void, documenting my many frustrations and maybe modest triumphs along the way, for all eternity.

Why do it?  Why am I here clogging up the internet?  Well, bottom line is, why shouldn’t I?  What is the internet for if it is not for amusing pictures of cats, for sharing personal experiences and for addressing the fundamental and universal existential questions that haunt us all?  I don’t have a cat, so the first scenario isn’t really an option for me, so by a process of elimination I’m going with scenario two, ‘shared experience’.  Sorry if you really seriously thought for a moment I’d be helping you along the way to solving the meaning of life, I guess I’ll have to help you manage your expectations.  Though if it makes you feel any better, that’s actually already been done.  Try 42.  Trust me, I heard Hitchhiker’s Guide right at the start when it was on the Radio.  Genius.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to start writing about my ‘running’ experiences.  Honestly, I will be the first to admit these are limited.  I’m not a ‘proper runner’ I look shit in Lycra, and I’m always shuffling along at the back – hence the ‘More Hobbit than Hare’ strap line to this blog.  I’m now the wrong side of fifty (unless you think that life begins at fifty, in which case I’m the right side of it), I’ve got arthritis in my toes and I’m certainly not noticeably lithe.  I don’t even really enjoy running very much, more the smug feeling at the end of it, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually looked forward to going out for a run.  Even so, I think I am persuaded of it’s benefits.


Running is free, social and it’s true, as the saying goes:

‘I really regret that run…’ said no-one ever

It helps with physical and mental health, gets me out and about in some glorious countryside, and I’ve got to meet some awesome people along the way.  When my motivation is elusive, I hope that by embarking on a blog I’ll remember why it’s so important to keep on keeping on.  I may never be fleet of foot, and learn to run well, but I can enjoy doing it badly.  For me, this blog is about being accountable, celebrating the benefits and pleasure running brings to me and putting up two fingers to the PE teachers of old who catered only for the sporting elite of my school cohort and wrote off the stumbling majority of whom I was most definitely one.  Here I am, decades later, I still can’t throw or catch a  ball, or get the point of competitive sports, but I can put one foot in front of another, repeat, and keep on repeating until I get to the end.  That’s it, that is all that is required.  I don’t think there can be a more inclusive sport than running.

Join me in the running revolution, what the hell – let’s just haul on our trainers and hit the trails!

Round Sheffield Run 2015

Round Sheffield Run 2015

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